46/4 front cover

Aden Flight: Aviation in Aden 1915-19: by Ian Burns
Atlas of German and Foreign Seaplanes: AGO flying boats; by Paul Leaman
The RFC with the BEF, September 1915: by Mick Davis
RAF Elmswell: Forgotten Sentinel; by Peter McGee & Graham Mack
Uncompromising and Efficient: Capt HA Oakes, 48 Sqn, part two: by Stewart Taylor
Sowing the Seeds of Stability: by Paul Hare
The Cowper-Coles Aircraft Company: by George Claxton, Jack Didsbury & Kenneth Heselton via Mike Goodall
Logbook: the RAF BE12b; Mick Davis
This journal also includes last in the series of A2 Ordnance Survey maps, this one marked up with the fifth in the series of sites of WW1 aviation interest in Ireland. On the back of this sheet we’ve provided a map showing RAF Areas & Groups 1918-20.