Mission to Monastir: by Michael Kelsey

Atlas of German and Foreign Seaplanes: the Zeppelin-Lindau “Dornier” Flying Boats: by Paul Leaman

The RFC with the BEF, June 1915: Mick Davis

Where the Runway was a Beach: early aviation in Venice: by Pietro Lando

Uncompromising and Efficient; Capt HA Oaks, 48 Sqn – part one: by Stewart Taylor

Tale of a Twenty: by Kevin Kelly

Nieuport 12 & 20; drawings & photo feature: by Mick Davis

Logbook: Nieuport Two Seaters in RFC Service: by Mick Davis

Gazetteer of Flying Suites part 23: by Mick Davis & Bill Morgan

This journal also includes two further A2 Ordnance Survey maps, marked up with the location of sites of WW1 aviation interest in Ireland. There’s one more map to complete the series in the next issue, which will then have covered the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Plus we have all the usual departments – Editorial, Fabric, Recce, Bookshelf et al