“Alkali Ike”; the life of Lt AH Jones, 147 USAS
: by Alan Roesler

“Wakey, Wakey!”; the truth about Billy Cotton?: by Duncan Curtis
Atlas of German and Foreign Seaplanes: Fokker-Junkers seaplanes; by Paul Leaman
The RFC with the BEF, April 1915: by Mick Davis
Brothers of the Air; three Sisley boys in the RFC; by David Fuller
The Porte Baby: by Colin Owers
The Jack Bruce Collection at the RAFM: Julian Hale
Logbook: Moranes in RFC Service part seven; Mick Davis & Trevor Henshaw
Gazetteer of Flying Sites part 22: Yar – Yeo; by Mick Davis & Bill Morgan

This journal also includes two A2 Ordnance Survey maps, marked up with the location of sites of WW1 aviation interest in Ireland. There’s two more maps to complete the series in the next issue, which will then have covered the whole of the UK and Ireland.

Plus we have all the usual departments – Editorial, Fabric, Recce, Bookshelf et al