High Altitude Reconnaissance 1914 Style: by Paul Hare
It was a Terrific Day in the Air” 15 September 1916; by Michael Durey
Atlas of German and Foreign Seaplanes: Kaiserliche Werft postscript; by Paul Leaman
Kite Balloons at Sea; Gallipoli and Salonika 1915-16; by Ian Burns
Impatient Ace; Capt CRR Hickey; by Stewart Taylor
The RFC with the BEF: by Mick Davies
An Aircraft Destroyed in Belgium: Luc Vanaker
From the Albums: the Gerhardt-Japp Collection part two; via Paul Leaman
Logbook: Moranes in RFC Service part six; Mick Davis & Trevor Henshaw
Gazetteer of Flying Sites part 21: Wes – Yar

This journal also includes a further selection of two A2 Ordnance Survey maps, of WW1 vintage, marked up with the location of sites of WW1 aviation interest in Scotland (3 & 4). When complete, this series of high quality maps will cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.