This is the book so many of us have been waiting for; an updated and expanded version of Trevor Henshaw’s epic: “The Sky Their Battlefield”

The Sky Their Battlefield II is available through Cross & Cockade International in hardback and softback.

Trevor has been busy for the past thirty years, continuing and widening his research. The Sky Their Battlefield first appeared in 1995, and this revised version is the book the author originally sought to write. The air casualties of the Great War remain this book’s universal focus, but its scope has now been widened to include as much as it feels viable and useful to do.

The new book is in two parts. The first is a thorough update and expansion of the original content, concentrating on Allied air casualties due to enemy action. In addition however,The Sky Their Battlefield II now also incorporates sections covering thousands of air accidents of the Great War era, in the Accidents Addendum. In detail, the book:

• Contains expanded and updated details of every casualty sustained by British Empire and American airmen due to enemy action during the fighting

• References 13,500 individual casualties

• 5,850 entries and textural sections added or updated with additional research information

• All new or updated material identified to aid research

• 3,250 links with German Flak and Jasta claims – 50% more than the original edition

• All air service non-flying battle casualties added

• 289 photographs, with detailed captions

• All new Accidents Addendum, describing 3,270 accidents and mishaps to air personnel on all active war fronts, from 1912 to 1919; indexing 4,500 new names

• Mentions of 16,700 air personnel, up from the 10,800 names in the original

• A third longer, at 550,000 words

Air crew losses remain the central study, but several other groups of entries are also incorporated, including detailed exploration of how these forces interacted with the armies fighting on the ground. The running text, now over 190,000 words, completes a comprehensive record of all fighting in the first air war.

For a more complete idea of the incredible depth of detail, and the years of effort that have gone into ensuring that this detail is as accurate as is humanly possible, check out Trevor’s own web site: or buy your copy here in hardback or softback.