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L‘Aeronautique Militaire 1914-1918

L‘Aeronautique Militaire 1914-1918, Traditions & Heraldique
by Philippe Jourdan
117pp, 297×210mm, illus, hardback; ISBN: 978-2-9548897-0-2
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Author : Darren


The first insignia that was unquestionably used by N 124 was a Seminole‘s head, from that proud and indomitable tribe. This insignia had been chosen by Capitaine Georges Thenault in November 1916 at Cachy. He commissioned the design from a mechanic, Caporal Marie Suchet, providing as a model the logotype of the arms dealer ‘Savage-Arms‘ seen in a catalogue dating a few years back. In those days the logo only represented part of the profile of the Seminole. Caporal Suchet adorned the figure with feathers on his own initiative. But this initial emblem was deemed to be insufficiently aggressive and difficult to identify in battle and so a new insignia was designed by Harold Willis and Edward Foote Hinkle, the latter a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and a proficient artist who substituted to the Indian of the Everglades a valiant Sioux chief of the Great Plains with his fill crown of feathers of the Lakhota. On February 19th the Sioux insignia followed Captain William Thaw to the first US Aero Squadron, number 103.

In 1916 in a tit-for-tat move the French Escadrille 124 chose as its unit emblem a Seminole Indian head inspired by the logotype of the firearms producer Savage Arms that had been established in 1894. In 1917 that emblem was replaced by the head of a Lakotas Sioux which was then adopted as the emblem of the US 103rd Aero Squadron. Some twenty years later in the 1940s the Savage Arms Seminole started migrating to the Great Plains and nowadays the logotype of the Savage Arms firm has become a proud Lakotas Sioux chieftain inspired by the insignia of the 103rd Aero Squadron!

Published in May 2016. The book is written in French and English and is profusely illustrated with colour drawings of insignia and aircraft. There are also a number of contemporary black and white/ sepia photographs of aircraft and personnel.

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