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Down the Flare Path

Down the Flare Path
Denis Hugh Montgomery
106pp, 155×235mm, illus, softback.
Republished by Peter Chapman



Author : Darren


Originally published by John Hamilton in 1937, this firsthand account of night flying in the FE2b on Home Defence and with 101 Squadron is now extremely rare. Peter Chapman, editor of The Australian ‘14-’18 Journal, has therefore taken the enterprising step of producing a new edition, complete with all Stanley Orton Bradshaw’s line illustrations, and with the addition of a new introduction and a portrait of the author.

This is a great companion to the Society’s FE2b/d monograph, one which will bring all the facts, figures and faded pictures to vivid life as only the words of someone who was there could ever do.

An ideal item for the Christmas wish list of any member who has not been able to track down a (now expensive) original of this handsome and informative little book.

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