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Wings Over Mesopotamia, Air War in Iraq 1914-18

The society‘s first book, ""Nieuports in RFC, RNAS & RAF Service"", has sold out - and is now available only as a download. Our second and third books are the hugely popular ""Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b/d & Variants in RFC, RAF, RNAS & AFC Service"" and ""Sopwith Dolphin in RFC, RAF and Polish Service"" - and stock levels of both are getting perilously low. If you want one of these, I suggest you place an order soon.

Now here‘s our fourth book:

Wings Over Mesopotamia, the Air War in Iraq 1914-18

If aviation in the temperate climate of Europe wasn’t challenging enough in 1915, war against the Ottoman Empire meant fighting in extreme climates like Mesopotamia. This book records the struggles of both army and navy aviation units in a country defined in an Arab proverb as “Allah created Hell but decided it was not bad enough, so he created Mesopotamia and added flies.

Mike O’Connor, Ray Vann, and Colin Waugh spent over forty years researching the RFC /RNAS activities in Mesopotamia. They tracked down surviving officers and their families to obtain thousands of photographs, copies of logbooks, and copies of diaries. The appendices are extensive with 36 pages on the aircraft and officers involved.

Softback, 144 pages, 210 x 297mm and including over 450 photograph, most never previously published



Author : Darren


Chapter headings are:

The First Air War in the Cradle of Civilisation
Faltering Steps
The Australian Half-Flight
The RFC Egypt Detachment
The Australians Begin Operations
The RNAS Contribution
The Advance
The Move Towards Kut
The Mesopotamia Aircraft Park
Townshend’s Push North
The German Air Service Arrives in Theatre
Disaster at Kut
The End of the Australian Half-Flight
Kut – The Aftermath
RFC Flying Services Rebuild
The Turks Maintain Air Superiority
Preparing to Advance
On to Baghdad
Changes over the Summer
RFC Reinforcements Arrive
Beyond Baghdad
The Last RFC Unit Reaches Mesopotamia
The Birth of the RAF
German Reinforcements
Armistice but No Peace

Plus a selection of individual officer biographies, full listings of aircraft serial numbers and officers by unit – and much more!

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