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RAF FE2b/d & Variants – Digital

Following the resounding success of the society‘s first book, ""Nieuports in RFC, RNAS & RAF Service"", on 1st July 2009 we released our second:

""Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b/d & Variants in RFC, RAF, RNAS & AFC Service""

Softback, 200 pages, 210 x 297mm.

The history of Henry Folland‘s initial design, the FE2a through FE2b/c/d to h; details training, day operations, night bombing, home defence, experimental developments, marine operations; Presentation and aircrew indexes and a full serials listing.

Contains over 420 photographs; plus colour profiles, and 14 pages of 1:72 scale drawings and airframe development.



Author : Darren


Unglamorous, but neither ineffective nor unloved …

This is the story of the FE2b and its variants, a long story, that began before the First World War and continued beyond, encompassing on the way many episodes of heroism and success as well as tragedy.

‘… a big, large-boned aircraft, it looked old before its time, yet performed outstandingly well in a wide variety of roles from day-fighting to night bombing, from reconnaissance to anti-submarine operations and from training to air defence. The Fee saw longer service on the Western Front than any other type – from all the air forces engaged…’

The FE2b is a victim of that strange law of aircraft preservation which generally ensures that, the more of a type were built, the fewer the survivors. In fact there is no complete original. So it comes about that this first full-length study of the type, researched and produced by Cross & Cockade International in collaboration with the Royal Air Force Museum, will be published to coincide with the unveiling of a reconstructed aircraft, based on surviving original components, to be exhibited in the Museum’s Bomber Command Hall.

‘ …It is hoped that these combined efforts will bring back to life an important yet long-neglected aircraft and properly celebrate the achievements of all those associated with the Fee throughout the First World War.’

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