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De Havilland DH2 and The Men Who Flew Them

De Havilland DH2 and The Men Who Flew Them
by Barry Gray, Trevor Henshaw, Mick Davis and Mike Kelsey
257pp, 295×210mm, illus, softback
ISBN 978-0-9555734-3-9
Published by The Great War Aviation Society

Author : Darren



Part One    Development and Deployment on the Western Front 1910 – 1917

Chapter 1     Origins of the Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Chapter 2     War Breaks Out – August 1914
Chapter 3     Autumn 1915 – The DH2 Prototype in Action
Chapter 4     The Production DH2s go into Battle
Chapter 5     24 Squadron RFC Take Their DH2s to France
Chapter 6     April 1916 – 29 Squadron RFC Joins 24 Squadron
Chapter 7     June 1916 – 32 Squadron RFC Arrives in France
Chapter 8     Attack Everything! The Battle of the Somme
Chapter 9     July 1916 – the Battle of the Somme, Second Phase
Chapter 10    August 1916 – Heyday‘s End
Chapter 11    The Albatros Scout and the Jagdstaffels
Chapter 12    September 1916 – the Battle of the Somme, Third Phase
Chapter 13    October 1916 – a Dangerous and Challenging Late Autumn for the DH2 Airmen
Chapter 14    29 Squadron Relocated onto the Somme and 32 Squadron Moved East
Chapter 15    November 1916 – the Battle of the Somme, Fourth Phase: the Battle of the Ancre
Chapter 16    November 1916 – the DH2 in Decline
Chapter 17    January 1917 – the Air War Re-opens on the Western Front
Chapter 18    March 1917 – the Arras Front Emerges

Part Two    The DH2 with the RFC in Palestine, Egypt and Arabia

Chapter 1    The RFC Forms a Presence in Egypt
Chapter 2    The First DH2s
Chapter 3    DH2s with the RFC Arab Detachments 1917: “”X”” Flight

Part Three    The DH2 in Macedonia

Chapter 1    Salonika Force

Part Four    The DH2 in Home Defence, Training and Other Use

Chapter 1    Home Defence
Chapter 2    DH2s in Training Use
Chapter 3    Evaluation

Part Five    The DH2 in Detail

Part Six    Service Units Operating DH2s and the DH2 Serials Index

Appendix 1    Names Index from the Serials Listing

Appendix 2    Airframe Development

Appendix 3    Colour Profiles by Ronnie Barr

Appendix 4    DH2 1/48 Scale Model

Appendix 5    Hawker‘s Notes on the DH2

Appendix 6    De Havilland DH2 – or is it Airco or AMC?

Appendix 7    Bibliography

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