External resources

WW1 General

  • 1914-18
    All about the soldiers, units, regiments and battles of the British Army of the First World War.
  • Canadian Letters and Images Project
    A project to publish letters from Canadian servicemen and other material. Not much aviation material there yet – but watch this space!
  • Cemeteries of WW1
    A developing site, with photos & descriptions being created for every WW1 cemetery in France and Belgium – and a number of other countries too!
  • Great War Historical Society
    American WW1 re-enactment society
  • Liddle Collection
    Now that Peter’s gone on to things more modern, the Collection has put its catalogue online. Is there a connection there?
  • Machine Gun Corps Association
    My grandad was in the MGC ..
  • Military Archive Research
    The web site of Dr Stuart Blank – who undertakes research at many of the UK’s historical archive facilities
  • Military List
    Everything military, from Air Force 1 to Westpoint. A good selection of links to other WW1 sites on this page – plus loads of other stuff on other wars too ..
  • Old Front Line
    Excellent beginnings. Really useful web site on WW1 generally, but British units in particular
  • The Great War in Flanders Fields
    The Great War in Flanders Fields – a war and peace experience
  • Trenches on the Web
    A excellent collection of material on all aspects of WW1. US based, but not US biassed. There’s all sorts here!
  • University of Birmingham Centre for First World War Studies
    A new and interesting faculty. Not much of acitaion interest there yet – but I bet there could be soon :-)
  • WarChron
    A site dedicated to the part played by Russia in WW1