External resources

WW1 Aviation Interest Websites

  • WO Bentley Foundation
    Founded in 1998 for the advancement of public knowledge and appreciation of the Bentley motorcar and its history by the establishment and maintenance of a museum, library and archive for the preservation, exhibition and study of the Collection.
  • 66 Squadron RFC
    A real in-depth on-going piece of research by CCI member John Grech.
  • Aeroconservancy
    Charles Gosse has some serious stuff in his collection. Real pieces of real WW1 aeroplanes – mostly German
  • Anzacs
    A site dedicated to the 80,000 Anzacs who didn’t return from the “Big One”. It’s here primarily because of an excellent (animated) section on Dr Miller’s work on the last flight of the Red Baron.
  • Avro 504
    Everything you always wanted to know about the Avro 504. Early days – but this site has great potential!
  • Belgian Air Historical Association
    A small amount of WW1
  • Brian Johannesson
    A collection of rather nice shots taken at the training school at Ismailia, 1917, by a relative. Nice Bristols …
  • British Anzani Archive
    Life and times of Alessandro Anzani and his company
  • Brooks Aviation Art
    A great selection of WW1 art from a variety of different – and very talented – artists, for sale at reasonable prices.
  • Fallen German Aviators
    Excellent project being run by Thorsten Pietsch. The aim is to record the graves, details etc of all fallen German airmen from WW1
  • Fokker D.VII
    Site specialising in Anthony Fokker’s greatest WW1 design
  • Fokker Dr.1
    Excellent beginnings of a site dedicated to the Fokker Dr1 and those who flew them, especially a certain Baron …
  • Hawker Restorations
    Who build THE most fantastic WW1 replicas, outside NZ …
  • Lt GR Craig, MC
    A site dedicated to the life of this 44 Sqn Camel pilot. Some of the best photos are modern shots of the airfield site at Hainault Farm – an amazing amount of stuff survives!
  • Mannock
    French site – with original research into Mannock’s crash site, amongst other valuable items
  • Memorial Flight
    Melvyn Hiscock’s site on French WW1 restoration & replica projects
  • NASA – Evolution of the Aeroplane
    This chapter gives a potted history of the fighter aircraft in WW!. Some may argue over the conclusions and comments.
  • Richthofen.com
    This site also contains the complete text of the original 1919 English translation of “Red Air Fighter”
  • Russell Smith Art
    Aviation artist – with some lovely WW1 paintings on display. I especially like Baracca’s SPAD diving over the Piave …
  • Sanke Card Album
    An excellent (and growing) collection of Sanke cards – portrait shots of WW1 German airmen
  • The Aerodrome
    A veritable goldmine of useful information
  • The Lancet
    Just when you thought there was nothing more to say about him, some doctor does an article in the Lancet …
  • Tondern Raid
    Cracking site built from the records of Toby Yeulett – a pilot lost on the raid
  • War Times Journal
    On line version of Eddie Rickenbacker’s autobiography
  • WW1 Aviation – an Illustrated History
    Nice site. Lots of information, and plenty of potential
  • WW1 Aviation Image Archive
    A large number of thumbnail images – mostly well known.
  • Aircraft Engines
    Photos of many, many WW1 aircraft engines in museums around the world
  • Anciens Aerodromes 1914-18
    Society researching the aerodromes of France, used during WW1
  • Mauro Antonellini
    Italian author of several excellent works, including a recent (bi-lingual) biography of pioneer aviator Gianni Widmer.