“X‘ Flight, RAF 1918

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    Does anyone here know if any of the AIR1 files for the RAF‘s ‘X‘ Flight happen to record a log of flights made each day. I am particularly interested in those undertaken by Lieutenants A. Murphy (pilot) and F. C. Hawley (observer) who were there on detachment from 1 Squadron, AFC from 12 August to 15 October 1918.

    I am familiar with the CCI articles on the subject of ‘X‘ Flight but these do not go into the activies of these two airmen in detail.

    1 Squadron, AFC‘s War Diaries record flights day by day but when Murphy and Hawley were sent off to ‘X‘ Flight these were not recorded by the squadron.

    There is a colourful account by L. W. Sutherland on pages 105-106 of his ‘Aces and Kings‘ account of 67 Squadron, RFC/1 Squadron, AFC of Murphy (and Hawley?) being shot down over the desert while with the ‘X‘ Flight then carrying out ‘home-made‘ repairs on the spot and flying ‘the wreck 180 miles to Ramleh‘. Anyone able to verify and/or date this event, please?



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