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    RNAS/RAF Uniform Query
    Last year I published my book: RAF Catfirth 1918, in which I describe how a Canadian pilot, Captain Arnold Bonnell Massey, flew the first aircraft to Shetland in 1918. He returned to Canada in 1919 and died in 1984. I am in touch with his grandson, who provided me with several photos from his grandfather’s WW1 photo album, among these was this one of Felixstowe F3 4407.
    I am curious about the uniform of the man in the picture, whom I believe was probably a naval pilot, a lieutenant in the RNVR. Can anyone confirm this please, and tell me why he wore a white cap? Was this something to do with time of year, or seniority, was it just used by RNVR or just personal choice? In my book I have a photo many airmen on and next to Porte Boat 9907 just after its arrival at Catfirth in June 1918, none of the men in the photo have white caps.
    Simon Gunn

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