Searching for Photos of 11 Sqn NCO Aircrew, 1919

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    One of my relatives served on 11 Sqn during the period 27 Sep 1918 thru 25 Jul 1919. His personal papers, which are stored at the RAF Museum Hendon, include a group photograph of the Sqn SNCOs probably dating from Jun/Jul 1919 when the Sqn was at Spich, Germany.

    I‘ve managed to identify about 8 of the people in the photo but am struggling to identify the others. I thought I‘d ask the Cross & Cockade cognoscenti whether they have any leads on photos for the aircrew in the image (I‘ve already tried the Royal Aero Club licence records for the pilots). The unidentified pilots and observers comprise:

    Franklin, William Walter (93083) Sgt
    McGlasson, Robert (35480) Sgt
    McGuiness, Philip Aloysius (109538) Sgt
    Spencer, William Henry George (56446) Sgt
    Templeton, Andrew (23462) Sgt

    Birch, Samuel William (4174) F/Sgt
    Downes , William George (175431) Sgt
    Hampson, George Howarth (110141) Sgt
    Mathers, Joe (177119) Sgt
    Taylor, Cecil Horace (203786) Sgt
    Ward, Leslie Kemp (318342) Sgt

    Absolutely any help would be very much appreciated. I‘d dearly love to put names to all the faces in the photo. I also recognize that the odds are slim, at best, and that the most likely path to successful resolution is to keep searching in case a descendant or other relative posts an image on their family tree.

    Anyhoo…it doesn‘t hurt to ask so that‘s what I‘m doing.

    Many thanks in advance,

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