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    The photo of the Science Museum Fokker in the last Journal reminded me of the account of its capture in the ‘Royal Fusiliers in the Great War, by HC O‘Neill, “the 18th (battalion, Royal Fusiliers) had the good fortune to capture a big Fokker behind the lines on April 10th, 1916. They came on the scene when a private of the Royal Engineers was attempting to convey his delight at meeting a presumed French airman who was trying to restart his machine. The German, finding his hand warmly gripped, tried to look the part:; but the 18th Royal Fusiliers instantly recognised the machine, with its Iron Cross, for what it was. They doubled, unslung their rifles, and, thinking the German was trying to pass papers to the other man, opened fire. But their zeal outstripped their performance. The sapper, now thoroughly bewildered, took to his heels; and the 18th took over the machine and the pilot.”

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