Saint Omer & 74 squadron , are there any of the old pubs or other buildings remaining?

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    I‘m planning a trip in the fall of 2020 to England and France. I will be following the trail of a WW1 pilot who died in France in October 1918 . He was an American attached to 74 squadron in the summer of 1918. He trained with the 74th at Colney and went with them to St Omer & Clairmarais. I‘m sure both towns were devastated during WW2 but I wonder if any of the old cafes they frequented still remain.

    Cafe Robey is mentioned in a book as is Cafe Vincent, but an on line search does not show anything. Perhaps names have changed and building use as well. Also mentioned is a cocktail, a Viper 74. I have not been able to discover it‘s ingredients. Can anyone on this site provide some information? I‘ve tried the local govt agencies and tourist help for St Omer but that just sends me in circles

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