Rumpler Engine Continued.

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    Apologies but the system would not let me reply to your query. See for copies of Automobile Engineer from this period and much more on engineering in general. A search should bring up all available issues. If you register you can download a pdf but there may be a small charge. There is a readable index for Engineering but no volume for 1921.
    Most bound volumes (6 months issues) of The Aeroplane to 1922 are available at Early volumes of flight are available from the same source.
    There is a letter from Dr. Rumpler in the issue of 4 Jan 1922 sent in response to previous correspondence regarding his thesis on the 1000HP engine but unfortunately this refers to an article in the the July-Dec1921 volume which is unavailable for download.
    You could try William Pearce at His site is a wonderland of articles on old engines.

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