Kassandra airship station – Lieutenant George Cecil Rhodes RNVR/RNAS

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    I’m researching my cousin George Cecil Rhodes (1886-1968) and his RAF service record shows that he was posted to the Kassandra airship station on 16 Nov 1917. He was a motor engineer/designer by trade and initially joined the RNVR in 1915 as a lieutenant to work on aircraft engines and the Rolls Royce and Lanchester armoured cars (he’d previously worked for both companies).

    After a short stint in the Ministry of Munitions in early 1917 he was posted to Kassandra. I don’t know what his role was there but assume it was something to do with engineering. However, his 1968 obituary states that he “flew in spotter airships searching for Turkish submarines”. His RAF record states that he received his pilot’s wings on 23 Sep 1921, so he was probably a spotter rather than a pilot at Kassandra.

    I found a very useful thread on this forum about Kassandra here: https://www.crossandcockade.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=1180 but I was wondering whether anyone has any records that mention George Cecil Rhodes? It seems that he probably flew in the SS19 as the SS17 was wrecked off Kassandra in 1917.

    Lastly, George’s service record (see attached image) shows that he was transferred to “Comp Pk” on 30 Nov 1918 – does anyone know what this might be?



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