Gotha Va and BG3 Histories

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    Dear CCI,

    I was hoping somebody might be able to direct me to information regarding the histories of the 25 Gotha Va aircraft built during 1917-18 and the history of BG3.

    In particular:

    1/ the wreck report for 723/17? (pictures featured in some publications, e.g. the excellent Jack Harris Aeronaut Book)

    2/ I understand that only 4 Va aircraft remained in the inventory by 31st Aug 1918. Does anyone know if any aircraft made it to the end of the war to be scrapped? If so, which aircraft and where were they scrapped? Any pictures would be interesting.

    3/ a complete history of Bogohl 3

    4/ any Va photos, histories etc

    5/ a copy of the German order text (in German and/or English) addressing both the introduction and ending of the need to use the Latin cross (May-June 1918)?

    Any help would be appreciated



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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