Gordon Thomas Bysshe

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    I‘ve hit a dead end trying to find the source of this portrait. The pilot is a Canadian in the RNAS, Gordon Thomas Bysshe. I have several other photos, but not this one. My guess was that it was a Royal Aero Club Aviators’ Certificate photo. The index card is available through Ancestry, giving his Aero Club of America number (Am. 446, gained at the Stinson school in Texas), but the linked image is wrong – he wasn‘t number 446 in the UK!). I‘ve browsed through early 1916 Royal Aero Club Aviators’ Certificates but not found him.

    Any other avenues I could pursue?

    The original JPG is from this site: http://nauticapedia.ca/dbase/Query/Biolist3.php?&name=Bysshe%2C%20Gordon%20Thomas&id=18006&Page=8&input=1 I‘ve contacted the site owners, but they uploaded this JPG many years ago, and don‘t know where it came from.

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