Captain George William Bulmer 22 Squadron RFC.

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    George William Bulmer was an American who enlisted, and was commissioned, in the RNAS pretending to be a Canadian.

    At the time, the RNAS offered ‘canadians’flying lessons, rather than expecting them to gain their tickets and claim the money back(the RFC way).

    GWB was one of those transferred to the RFC later, probably after arrival in the UK, because the RNAS training facilities were ‘over subscribed’.

    Stewart Taylor is believed to have interviewed GWB.


    I know RFC is not my usual area. But I will be in the UK shortly, hope to see some of you at the 10 June York meeting, and someone I am meeting is interested in Bulmer.

    I have a little about him from “Pi” in the Sky by W F J Harvey, but anything you can add – ASAP! – would be welcome. He appears to have been a bit of an artist as well as winning the MC.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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