BUBBLE CANOPIES – Early pre-History, the search for pre-1920 information

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    The Bubble Canopy – Pre-Historic‘ Beginnings …..
    I‘m hoping I can find a walking encyclopaedia of information on the early origins (pre-1920, say) of the ‘Bubble‘ canopy (and, not necessarily just aircraft, e.g. automobiles, motorcycle sidecars, dirigibles, etc). I was intrigued by the obscure mention of WW1 experiments with aircraft bubble Canopies contained in the “History” paragraph in this Wikipvisually reference: https://wikivisually.com/wiki/Bubble_canopy sadly, there are no attributions as to the source of information. Can anyone provide more information on these WW1 aircraft experiments, e.g. names of books, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, patents (especially), pictures, etc?
    Yes, I‘m perfectly well aware of the SE5 first production series although it appeared with what may more accurately described as a transparent, wrap-around wind-deflector as opposed to an overhead, transparent canopy, or hood. I‘m also well aware of the German experiments with ‘stealth‘ aircraft with transparent fueselage and wing coverings but still, they had open cockpits.
    So, I look forward to all interesting replies. Thanks.

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