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    Can anybody help with identifying the six DH6 aircraft that were allocated to this squadron after it transferred from a seaplane flight at Hornsea to a landplane flight at Killingholme and subsequently transferred to North Coates Fitties on September 26th 1918. The aircraft were immediately put to work U Boat hunting and convoy patrols over the Humber estuary and Lincolnshire coast.
    This continued up to March 6th 1919 when the squadron was disbanded.
    I have trawled through RFC, RAF, and RNAS DH6 serials but cannot find any individual DH6 allocated to 404 Flight. According to the official Air Force list of December 1918 there was a compliment of 47 Officers and men in the squadron at North Coates. In addition some other unidentified landplane Flight were also moved to North Coates Fitties when Killingholme closed but again nothing is recorded that can confirm this or even the type of aircraft used.
    If anybody can shed any light on this or come up with any answers it would be greatly appreciated

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