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    Errol Martyn

    Would anyone have details of this New Zealand man’s postings between 20 Jan 1915 and 12 Mar 1918, please?

    William Francis Clarke
    Enlisted (at?) in RFC as 3167 Air Mechanic 2nd Class, 20 Jan 15
    Served in France, from 23 Jul 15
    Corporal, 1 Oct 15
    Sergeant, 1 Nov 15
    Flight Sergeant, 1 Feb 16
    Last day in France, 14 Mar 16
    First posting on his AIR79 is 1 (Training) Wireless School, 13 Mar 18, at which time he was a Flight Sergeant and wireless operator. Most of his RAF time was spent in Ireland with 105 Squadron and 11 Group.

    All of his service was confined to England, France and Ireland.
    Sadly and somewhat unusually, not only did two of his brothers die in Army service during the war (one just 9 days before the Armistice), but another had been killed in action in South Africa in 1901 during the Boer War.


    Robert Pugh

    Hi Errol


    Errol Martyn

    Many thanks once again, Robert, and also for the ‘bonus’ name – New Zealander Frank Nuttall.


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