Having just located my 1988 Third Edition, it seems I have misled you !

It is @1962 by Haddow & Grosz and the firt edition was published in 1962, and reprinted in September 1963.

A second edition was produced in April 1969 with the same cover but with (New revised and enlarged edition) printed on the cover. The acknowledgements note the inclusion of additional information from contacts with R-plane personnel (presumably in response to the 1st edition).

The third edition came out in 1988: “the text as originally published required only minor additions and corrections. Some of the photographs have been replaced by superior ones that we feel are more descriptive of the subject matter. We have dropped the individual photo credits.’

As I said, the 1988 edition has less shiny paper, but the photo reproduction isn’t bad and probably reflects the quality of the original prints. Being a large format Putnams, the photos are a decent size.

I have a feeling that a friend of mine who sells donated aviation books in aid of the local air ambulance had a first or second edition for sale: he will be looking through his stock as soon as the opportunity arises. If he does have a copy, I can pass on the details & his contact.

In the meantime, having found my 1988 3rd Edition, is there anything specific you need looking up ?