I’ve just signed up in hopes someone might have specialist knowledge of RFC 1917 Russia. I am a historian working on a book about the failed Romanov asylum of 1917. Evidence passed to me suggests there was some kind of RFC mission to provide personnel to help escort the Imperial Family to safety, probably out via Tornio into Sweden and Norway. i.e. a very early evacuation plan, not some silly half baked rescue fantasy (of which there are many!). There are lots of barmy myths about planes being sent to ‘rescue’ the Romanovs – but this is not one of them. I think the planes element has been misinterpreted and refers to personnel flying in and out to assist – in this case in or out of Sweden or Finland perhaps. I have two names linked in this mission and a possible third. The first two I can definitely connect, as this is confirmed in Victor Kulikov’s article in C&C vol 28 no 3.. Both I am sure from other evidence I have were definitely in Russia at the time – i.e. March 1917: Capt Stephen Berthold Gordon Smith and Acting Major James Valentine. Another name has been suggested but I can find nothing to substantiate him being sent into Russia at this time tho family legend insists he was: an RNAS pilot – Squadron Commander Peregrine HM Fellowes. I would love to hear from anyone who has ever come across any whisper of any undercover RFC or RNAS missions in this regard in March 1917, as I am clutching at straws! I would value any clues at all, however tenuous. Apparently Gordon Smith left diaries and letters testifying to this but this were all destroyed.