There is a fair bit of information in the WitA volumes especially the appendices. In the Volume 6 Appendices volume the two ORBATs, August and November 1918, have the Wings (five 1, 2. 3. 5 and 8) as well as the Companies and Sections. In the text of Volume 6, in the relevant chapters you will find that 4 Wing left the Western Front at the end of 1917 to go to Italy along with other air and ground elements. There were KB Companies in other theatres, 21 in Palestine, 22 in Macedonia and 23 in Mespot, their sections are listed. Also remember prior to December 1916 they were listed as KB Squadrons with sections, these were under the RFC (Corps) Wing (there were about 22 Sections on the Western Front by the autumn of 1916). I presume you have also referred to Volume XII of the Official History of The Ministry of Munitions that has information on production. Depending on the information you are after there are various documents in the National Archives on Kite Balloons.