Mea Culpa. No offence meant but the book is an old favourite, one that I bought when I couldn’t really afford it and a purchase never regretted. This was back when Profile Publications were two bob and paperbacks half a crown; so please tell us about the BE 10, which must have been an improvement on the BE 9 if only because it never reached the front.

I looked at the airhistory file before my first post and so assumed that Andrew’s sources were most likely correct:
From To qty Type Factory Contract Dated Comments Source class Image
2181 2184 4 B.E.10 British & Colonial A2733 AIR 20/761 ledger 3/img_0120

It gives this for A2519:
A2175 2180 6 B.E.2 Jouques A2519

I checked the website again – same issue date and info.

Should have gone to screensavers?