Armando Almeida

Hello Colin
Thank you for letting me know of these photographs that are proof of them getting the civilian certificates. They were obtained after they all had lessons in the Ruffy-Baumann flying School that operated from Hendon (the publicity that they placed in “Flight” magazine from early 1915 on is quite delicious). After they obtainedthe certificate, these three pilots plus a few others like Santos Leite that obtained it in Chartres, France, were the first instructors in the first flying course that took place in Portugal from November 1916 on.
Afterwards, their military careers become somewhat confusing. They are reported to have been with 10 Squadron from January 1917, but also in the Northold RFC school from February 1917 on.
You see, this matter needs clarification, and it’s the reason for my question.
Thanks again for your reply. They are useful for confirming the dates of their civil certificates.
Augusto Mouta