TSTB has the following:

Wilkins Capt HOD:
13.07.17 – A1579, Martinside G102, 27Sqn.
Bombing Op, ATH (?) , AA hit ftl, Noeux Les Mines.
Crashed, wrecked, OK.

28.07.17. – 27 Sqn, Martinside A3986.
Bombing op, Lichtervelde, seen 1 mile NE of Houge going west 7PM. POW
Claimed combat South of Lindeken, nr Staden by Off ST Sattler & Lt Hauroff of FAb45.

Withy JL: (TSTB has him as Whithy).
08.07.1916 – Sopwith Strutter A384, 70 Sqn.
Recce, direct hit AA fire,down in flames, out of control, East of Arras.
Capt DMV Viech, KIA
Lt JL Whitty, Died of wounds, A/c captured.

Winter WH:
11.10.17 – B6314, Sopwith Camel, 28Sqn.
Practice formation flying seen going west Poperinge-Ypres, strayes East of Lines. MIA.
Claimed by Julius Buckler , Armentieres 4:20PM.
If you want more there is half a page of notes by Norman Franks in Buckler’s book – Malaula! The Battle Cry Of Jasta 17.

TSTB has only a Capt WP Horsley,
02.07.17. – RE8 A3249 of 53 Sqn.
Escort photo patrol to Tenbrielen,
Combat with EA, shot down, forced to land, spinning nose dive, fatal, wrecked.
WP Horsley MC, KIA
2nd Lt AG Knight badly wounded.

RE8 claim combat nr Messines 9:25Am Ltn G-WGross Jasta 11.

Jones ETL.
10.08.17. – AW FK8, 2Sqn (attached 5 Sqn). No mention of observer.
Artillery Obs.
WIA 10.08.17, combat with EA, 2nnd Lt Jones WIA (Neck).

Day HO. Not listed.