2nd Lt Horsley,Clement Flegg, who was born in 1895, educated in Norwich. He joined the 6 Bn Norfolk Regt, Cadet RMA Sandhurst. He was Gazetted F.O. on 31/03/17 and posted to 18 Squadron. He was credited with two victories, on the 24/09/17, he and his rear Gunner Lt A Hahn were attacked by eight E.A., who the successfully fought off, expending 700 rounds, his MC was Gazetted 18/03/18. He joined the peace time RAF and slater served in WW2.
Citation Norfolk. Rgt. and R.F.C. L.G. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. While on a, photographic reconnaissance he was attacked by eight enemy aeroplanes, and after a fight which lasted over twenty minutes drove down two of the enemy. On another occasion he took part in an encounter between six of our machines and twenty-five enemy aeroplanes, in which he displayed great coolness and skill in driving off the attacking enemy. He has led many successful photographic reconnaissance’s, and several occasions has been attacked by superior numbers of the enemy.
Jones, Ernest Turner PI11875, 10/01/17 2 Sqn wounded, 02/04/17 F.O.,EF, on graduation 35 Sqn, 16/08/17 wounded, to H.E. 04/12/17 EF, 18/03/18 HQ 5Wg, 106 Sqn Instructor,
Winter, Headley William PI8393, Royal Surrey Regt. 14/09/16 F.O. (O) 15/11/16 67 (A) Sqn. Attached FO(O), 19/01/17 3 SMA, 31/05/17 F.O., 21/07/17 28 Sqn, 01/09/17 T/Lt, 08/10/17 EF, 11/10/17 m.i.a. Camel B6314, P.o.W,
Day, Harold Oswald Bedfordshire Regt, PI5934, from Norwood , Ontario, Canada. Oxford, 06/12/16 8 RS, B Sqn CFS, A Sqn CFS, 09/02/17 Capt., 14/02/17 Lt FO, 14/12/17 C Sqn appointed F.O., 28/04/17 EF 27 Sqn, 28/07/17 m.i.a., P.o.w. whilst flying A3986, notified by Germans on 14/02/17. 14/12/18 Repatriated, 11/12/18 , on 16/12/18 he was released from flying A (Active) to AD(Administration).
Witty, Charles Harry, b 11/05/1896PI 5697 joined 5th Bn, York & Lancaster Regt.11./09/16 Oxford , 29/10/16 14 RS, 04/04/17 F.O., 82 Sqn, 18/04/17 HE, for further training, 82 Sqn, 30/05/17 80 Sqn, 07/06/17 81 Sqn, 01/07/17 Lt, 15/07/17 37 TS,15, Group Pool?, 04/12/17 37 TS, 03/02/18 HQ 2 Bde A/Adj, for disposal, 28/03/18 HQ 2 Bde, for 135 Sqn, HQ 27 Wing.