Michael Meech


Does anyone know when the cloth Landing “T” was first used and when the RFC/RNAS started using it as standard? I know it was used during WW1, but in the ‘Flight’ article on the 1914 ‘Concentration Camp’ it mentions the use of “a flagstaff has been erected upon which the flags and streamers are hoisted for indicating-according to the colour and position of the flag or streamer-that flying is in progress, the direction of the wind and the direction in which the pilot should rise and land.”

I have done an on-line and index search in ‘Flight’ and a general look through ‘The Aeroplane’ pre-war, but if anyone has a year of introduction let alone full detail it would cut down the number of editions to physically look through.

I am working on a potential article for the Journal on pre-WW1 British aviation communication equipment trials and experiments.

Many thanks