Can anyone confirm the following aircraft were based at Tondern, if not where?

Ago C.II (3 bay), LF.66 with nickname Schneewittchen on nose.

Albatros two seater C.2098/15 LF.203. I cannot decide if it is a B or C type.

The Hallenschutzstaffel is thought to have had several Albatros D.III during 1917/18 before it was removed due to the poor state of the airfield.
The Tonder Museum have a photo of an ‘Albatros D.III’ on their website – unfortunately it is a D.V.
I am looking for a photo of a Marine Fleigerabteilung D.III to use in an upcoming article in the Journal on the Tondern Raid.
If you have one I may use, please contact me.