Wondering if anyone can help me with a bit of information to do with german aircrafts during WWI.
I’m trying to find out what german fighter single seated biplanes would have been used at the frontline during the spring of 1917.
I was looking at the Fokker D.I, D.II and D.III as options for this, but I have found some research saying that maybe for the time period – Spring 1917 – these types or aircraft would have actually been pretty rare and were most likely not used on the western front by this time. Would you agree with that?
The research I’ve looked at seems to suggest that the numbers of the Fokker at this time were very few, almost disappearing by the end of February 1917 and instead being used for fighter training schools on on the home front.

Instead they were replaced by the Albatros DI, DII and DIII. Which were in much larger productions and were more common from December 2016/January 1917. And therefore a better option of german fighter plane for Spring 1917. Does that sound right to you?