Flight, of January 18th 1913, has the following:
‘Thursday was a similar day form a weather point of view, and Major Raleigh, No.4 Squadron, did two fine spins on Breguets 210 and 213, being up for about half an hour, despite the trying conditions of the weather.’

210 and 213 were also in use the following day and Saturday. Could it be that 213 and 312 have become confused somehow?

I am leaning towards believing that 213 was perhaps the machine that Debussy was piloting at the time of the crash. The fact that this machine accommodated two passengers leads me to believe that it was probably equipped with the large open type cockpit that it featured when fitted with the Renault engine (as per the image in Britain’s First Warplanes, JM BRUCE) prior to being re-equipped with the Canton-Unne.