The Official History of the Ministry of Munitions Volume XII ‘The Supply of Munitions’, Part II ‘Aerial Bombs’, page 5, mentions that at the outbreak of war the types in use were the Hale 20-pounder and the naval 112-pounder. It continues:

“At the end of 1914 the aerial bombs in use were high explosive bombs of R.L. design weighing 112 lbs., 20 lbs. and 10 lbs., and the Cotton Powder Company’s 10-lb. and 20-lb. Hale bombs.”

On incendiary bombs it mentions (pages 7-8) that:

“The earliest kinds of incendiary bomb were petrol bombs of two types, large and small, composed of cases of tin and copper spinning containing petrol. At the end of 1914 other types in use were a 20-pounder filled with incendiary composition and powder, with a nose fuse, a second 20-pounder containing trotyl and petrol with Very cartridge and striker, and a 10-lb. bomb filled with carcass powder.”

Other information on WW1 bombs is to be found in ‘Bombs Gone’ by Wing Commander John A. MacBean and Major Arthur S. Hogben. This includes some drawing of some of the types but covers weapons up to 1990.

I hope that is of a little help.