Flight 19130215 p204
Army Biplane in Regent’s Park.
REGENT’S PARK had its second homme-oiseau visitor on Monday last, when Capt. Derbyshire, after losing his way through fog on a trip from Aldershot to Uxbridge, found a landing place there. Troubled with a failing engine, the pilot decided to descend at the first suitable spot, but his task was rendered more difficult by the thick fog. Catching sight of some trees, however, he came down gradually from a height of 2,000 ft., and on making an abrupt landing found he was in Regent’s Park. The machine was somewhat
damaged, and later in the day was dismantled and sent back to Farnborough.

The Aeroplane 19130213 p156
February 10th Caplain Darbyshire, 4th Squadron. Royal Flying Corps, started with a passenger on Army biplane 201(BE. type) from Aldershot with the intention of completing a stage of of the flight to Montrose. When near Uxbridge the fog became dense and he lost his way. He began to descend very graduallyand finally found himelf over Regent’s Park. Here he attempted to land, but owing to the haze making the estimation of distances very difficult, he crashed into the ground
without straightening out sufficiently. Fortunately he and his passenger escaped injury, though the front part of his biplane was seriously damaged.