He found nothing. Valve spring broke on the Gnome. He went home. The reports continued.

A commemorative postcard was produced entitled ‘CB Hucks (sic) searching for the Zepp baby-killers’, though I would think that wasn’t strictly contemporary as it was before the first Zepp raid.

Peter Connon’s ‘Under the Shadow of the Eagle’s Wing’ gives a fair account. There may be more in records of the Cumberland & Westmorland Yeomanry and/or 5th Battalion, The Border regiment, both of whom carried out searches in the area, though I would expect that if there was anything to be found, Peter would have found it. He mentions the Bleriot as being ’46’ which he takes to be a civilian racing number – not one I can confirm was ever carried by any of Hucks’ aircraft, or any of the impressed Bleriots.

‘With the First in the Field’ mentions ‘mysterious lights’ over Barrow.