Bomb Raid departed at 06.45. Those taking part were Capt Montgomery (B4628), Lt Eycott-Martin (B5623), 2/Lt Apps (B5190) and 2/Lt Reade (B2514).

The first of the raids was to target the aerodromes of Giai and Cinto Caomaggiore which was attacked, results unknown. Whilst flying low down Eycott-Martin saw a C type reported as a two seat Aviatik proceeding east north east from Motta di Livenza at about 1500 ft. The E.A. flew directly over Eycott-Martin who was low down at about 100 ft. without seeing him. Eycott-Martin turned and climbed to attack the E.A., who when he saw the Sopwith put his nose down and went away N.E., Eycott-Martin closed the distance and fired several bursts in to the E.A. which went down and nose-dived into the ground, this was witnessed by Montgomery and Apps.

Does anyone know who the crew were of the Aviatik and their fate?