I have this Paul.
I can’t see an AIR 76 for him

Arthur John Capel
1bn Somerset LI

Medals WO 372/24/9964
Medals WO 372/24/9963
Medals WO 372/4/10497

RAC Cert 1615 Maurice Farman Biplane. British Flying School. Le Crotoy. France 19.08.15

02.11.15 to be Flying Officer and to be seconded. Gazette 15.11326
01.01.16 MiD of JDP French of 15.10.15 for gallant and distinguished service in the field Gazette 16.11-13
16.04.16 to be Flight Comdr from a Flying Officer and to be temp. Capt whilst so. empld Gazette 16.4646
15.05.17 mentioned in despatch Gazette 17. 4754
00.00.18 Gazette 18. 808

31.12.14 att observer 4Sq
05.03.15 observer 4Sq
16.06.15 Flying Officer (Observer) 4Sq
22.10.15 under instruction 9Sq Dover
24.03.16 Flying Officer CFS Upavon
31.10.18 to EF with 94Sq by air

28.07.24 PoW [- Bristol Fighter] Crashed in fog and taken prisoner by Warzris on bombing flight. 341373 LAC A Bell 5Sq Razmak/India