David Bremner with Bristol Scout 1264

Bristol Scout 1264: Rebuilding Granddad’s Aircraft

21th March 2024
20.00 GMT

In 1913, Frank Barnwell designed the Bristol Scout, which was the fastest and most manoeuvrable warplane for the first eighteen months of the First World War, and became the prototype single-seat fighter from which all later fighters were derived.


In 1916, Flt Sub Lt F. D. H. Bremner RNAS flew Bristol Scouts for No. 2 Wing in the eastern Mediterranean. 70 years later, his grandson David discovered three aircraft parts from Scout no. 1264 in his late grandfather’s workshop and 20 years later David and his friend Theo Willford, researched the possibility of rebuilding her from these three parts.


In this talk, David shares the challenges of recreating 1264 and getting her back in the air.

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