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Canadian Digital Archive
Lots of free material here that can be downloaded.*8B*7B*BDP*975*EFR*DE*AB*CD*B8*BB*CD*FC*E1&SearchMethod=Tree_1
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Guild of Aviation Artists Exhibition 2019 Winners
The winner of the Guild of Aviation Artists 2019 Exhibition in the WW1 category, with a prize sponsored by Cross and Cockade, was Grahame Turner’s highly commended “Photo-Shoot”, showing a...
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Wind in the Wires back issues
WitW044  WitW043 WitW042  WitW041 WitW040 WitW039 WitW038  WitW037 WitW036 WitW035 WitW034 WitW033 WitW032 WitW031 WitW030 WitW029 WitW028 WitW027 WitW026  WitW025  WitW024  WitW023  WitW022 WitW021  WitW020  WitW019  WitW018  WitW017  WitW016  WitW015...
CCI Book: Jewish Flyers in the World War
The latest book to be published by CCI is “Jewish Flyers in the World War”, a reprint and update of a book published in Germany in 1924 to counteract the...
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Best WW1 Aviation Art 2018
Every summer, the Guild of Aviation Artists stages ‘Aviation Paintings of the Year’, a major exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries in Central London, where over 400 works go on...
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Baptism of Fire
The RFC in the first year of the Great War
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CCI Book: Wings Over Mesopotamia
Wings Over Mesopotamia, Air War in Iraq 1914-18
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Clerget Assembly
Virtual movie showing assembly of a 130 hp Clerget 9B
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