Since his retirement three years ago, Philippe Jourdan has been working
on a book comprehensively to cover the insignia of the 593 escadrilles
that served France in WW1. This book is now in it’s final phase – and
Philippe is looking forward to the launch; which may be as early as May

The book is in both French and English; depicting and telling the story
of the unit markings used by each escadrille, and the aircraft
they used.

The book will be 120 pages of full colour; and will be offered for sale through our web site. Price is yet to be confirmed, but is expected to be very reasonable.

Watch this space! If you’re interested, please email Philippe at [email protected]. Send Philippe your name, email and postal address before launch, and you’ll be given a discount of 5 euros off the normal purchase price of 30 euros – and receive a copy signed by the author.