The Society welcomes individual bequests, either financial or physical assets (research work, images, books, artwork, etc), however, it reserves the right to refuse to accept such items or to dispose of them to help fund the Society’s operations, as and when the Management Committee so directs. If Society members do intend to make a bequest in their will, the following wording is suggested:


 I GIVE to the Trustees (“the Charity Trustees”) from time to time of  The Great War Aviation Society, registered Charity No. 1117741, (“the Charity”) of which I am a Member or Former Member, full and unfettered access for a period of 12 months from the date of my death to my collection of WW1 Aviation Memorabilia, historical objects, artwork, images and archive records (“my Collection”) in order that the Charity Trustees can record or cause to be recorded and (where appropriate) scanned and indexed my Collection upon the condition that if any item or items thereof need to be temporarily removed for such purpose then they shall be returned by the Charity Trustees intact and in the same condition as existing upon removal.


I DIRECT to my Trustees that they shall ensure that the Charity Trustees only use and exhibit any part or parts of my collection in the publications (physical or electronic) of the Charity and that any Intellectual Property value of my Collection shall at all times be credited to my Estate wherever possible.


I FURTHER DIRECT to my Trustees that the Charity Trustees shall not be under any obligation to my Trustees to take control or assume responsibility for my Collection (apart from the normal duty of care and Insurance responsibilities whilst my Collection is outside the control of my Trustees ) but in the event that no Residual or other Beneficiary of this my Will desires to accept any Gift herein of all or any part of my Collection, then My Trustees shall hold my Collection upon the aforementioned Trusts for Sale with the nett proceeds of sale being held by my Trustees either in specie or in cash as the case may be for the Charity Trustees for the benefit of the Charity absolutely.


I FURTHER DIRECT to my Trustees that in that event the receipt of the Treasurer from time to time of the Charity shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Trustees.”